Short day 1

I spent yesterday making and uploading pictures for the next stretch, and didn’t go to bed until 5am.

As I have decided to walk shorter distances the next few days, I waited until the afternoon before setting off.

Some crucial Autumn months are coming now where I need to get as far as possible. When my second winter along the Great Wall arrives, it is going to get very cold indeed.

The large keyboard on my phone has gone wonky. It skips some letters and triples others. Lately, you as a reader have not had daily reports for a long time. Because of the phone problem I am going to cut down on the frequency of these reports to prioritize sleeping, eating and walking. I don’t know how often the reports will be. If I can buy a new phone with a good keyboard they may be less often but longer.

13 kilometres today

Message to brother Jon. Ba gutta slå på brannmuren igjen igår. Hvis oppdatering ikke fungerer får vi se mer på det om ca 7 til 10 dager.

One thought on “Short day

  • Øystein

    Godt du har kommet igang igjen og smart å ta korte etapper i starten for å vende kroppen og foten til prøvelsene igjen. Krysser fingrene at foten holder 🙂 og at kulden ikke blir for streng..

    May the force with with you brother!

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