New videos added 2

I have added 8 new videos from January this year when I was walking close to the Yellow River. You can see the videos here on the Great Wall Route page.

The videos are located to the left of the current map view. Zoom out by clicking on the minus sign on the map and pull the map to the left to find the new videos. Click on the red camera icons to see them. Yellow icons are old videos.

To see exactly where the video was recorded, zoom in by clicking on the plus sign on the map. You can zoom in a long way, and the details on the map are often pretty impressive.

2 thoughts on “New videos added

  • Jean Loken

    Loved the video of the man holding your hand (no doubt checking that you were still alive in the snow) when you were in your tent. He seemed so kind and concerned. Hope the coming winter will be kind to you.

  • Tim P

    Did you ever pull a flashlight out for that tunnel? I’ve had a great time following your adventures, and I look forward to reading more as you progress.



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