Heading back to the Great Wall 6

My agonisingly slow 6 week wait is hopefully coming to an end. I want to return to walking the Great Wall. The mending process was so slow the first four weeks, that I thought it might be something more serious than ‘just’ a fracture. Luckily, the foot has recovered a lot faster over the last two weeks.

The winter comes quickly here, and the area I will be walking during the last part of this walk is between North-Korea and Siberia. So the sooner I get going, the better.

I plan to return to the Great Wall this week, and test it with some real walking in proper Great Wall terrain.

The pictures under show slices of my foot from an MRI taken a month ago. As you can see – the foot is a fairly complex piece of machinery and in many ways I am very grateful that they have both done as well as they have. It’s a nice coincidence that today’s quote is:

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.
Leonardo Da Vinci

6 thoughts on “Heading back to the Great Wall

  • Gina and Gerry

    Welcome back!!!! Great news!!!! So glad to hear that you are on your way
    again. Take care. Our best wishes go with you, as always.

  • Bryan

    This is great news. Take it easy at first and hopefully your injury will quickly become a distant memory.

    I was surprised to meet a woman at the Mutianyu Great Wall who knew you. She had your card and showed it to me. I took her photo and told her I would send it to you and tell you that she asked about your progress.

  • Roxanne

    Happy to hear you are mending well. I agree with Bryan one slow step at a time. Re-injury is always worse. Many of us out here are pulling for you and glad to get your update postings.

  • Tor Tollnes

    Supert, Robert! Lykke til videre! Nå ble jeg glad!

    Ikke minst fordi at hvis du ikke ble bra i foten, så ville du jo ha blitt i Kina resten av livet, siden du er en sånn som ikke gir seg når han har satt seg et mål…!! Og da ville jo ikke du og jeg truffet hverandre før i himmelen, og det føles litt for lenge å vente, egentlig 😉

    God tur videre!


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