Monthly Archives: July 2010

Heading south

Some days are starting to become a blur now… This was a day like that. It wasn’t too warm. I started walking after having washed my shirt and myself. It was basically a very grey day. I followed small roads and paths as close to the Great Wall as possible. […]

Long haul

There was more thunder and lightning last night and a lot of rain. It had stopped by morning. I spent the night at a guesthouse. Because of the TV antenna wire, there was a slit in the window sufficient to let in adventure seeking mosquitos during the night. They had […]

Woke up in the watchtower to thunder

I woke up to thunder at 4 o’clock in the morning, but it stayed at a comfortable distance. Then I continued following the Great Wall where the last little stretch went up the Simatai bridge. On a short section from a riverbed going upwards, there were protective walls on the […]

Got to Simatai 1

It rained when I arrived at Gubeikou late in the afternoon yesterday. I was unlucky and ended up on a slow bus. Average speed about 40 km/h and it went on the small roads wherever possible. After eating at Gubeikou it also started to thunder just like the weather forecast […]

Article in the Beijing News 2

Here you can see an article about the walk in The Beijing News that was in print the 4th of July. There has been quite a lot of interest for the walk lately, and while I remain fairly close to Beijing, I hope to meet some more journalists to talk […]

Arrived at Gubeikou

Today I got to Gubeikou. The area around Gubeikou has a particularly famous stretch of the Great Wall that was of great strategical importance. It was first built during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557). About 800 years later (!) the Great Wall was extended and strengthened during the early Ming […]

43C degrees in Huairou today 5

Started walking quarter past six this morning determined to get as much done as possible before it got too hot. The forecast for Huairou was 43 degrees C, and I was dreading it. I am about 45 kilometres northeast of Huairou, so don’t know if it was as hot here. […]

Two dinners in a row 1

Woke up a little after 5am. Then it started raining, so I had to wait an hour more before packing down the tent. There were clouds today which made it a little cooler than yesterday. I walked the last stretch of the day without my shirt, which was wonderful. There […]

No sleep 1

Saturday 3rd of July I didn’t sleep at all last night. It was too hot. Started walking a little after 6 a.m. and walked until it got dark, with a break of several hours during the hottest part of the day Had a hard time finding a good spot to […]