Heading south

Some days are starting to become a blur now… This was a day like that. It wasn’t too warm. I started walking after having washed my shirt and myself. It was basically a very grey day. I followed small roads and paths as close to the Great Wall as possible. The mountains here are pretty wild still

At some stage, I went from one valley to another to stay close to The Wall. I had marked the to and from points on the map, and also what looked like the remains of an old fortress on Google Earth. Although it was only one kilometre, that was enough for it to become the highlight of the day. There were some fields, thick with corn on the cob plants, that led to the fortress. Then I had to walk and later climb down a steep descent. As things got steeper and steeper, I thanked myself for the many times my sister and I have been rock climbing in the forests in and around Oslo. That experience at least kept me from panicking when it looked too steep to continue the descent, and too dangerous to climb up again.

28 kilometres today