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Two days ago, I returned to Huairou ready to continue walking the Great Wall after having sorted out my visa in Beijing. In the evening however, a mighty thunderstorm started that lasted for more than 24 hours. I have experienced many thunderstorms, but never one that lasted as long and was so intense.

Walking the Great Wall in the Beijing municipality is hard work at the best of times. The area has many of the most dangerous sections of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall.

The hottest time of the year is a month away, but already the weather is very hot. This increases the amount of fluids I need every day which in turn increases the weight of my backpack.

Because of the extreme weather and terrain I will be moving through the next couple of months, I will have to be extra careful not to set out on any stretches that I think will be too dangerous.

It is hard to make the right decisions about which stretches to walk, and which to leave out. Sometimes, a stretch of the Great Wall may look fine on the map with topographical information. When I start walking it however, it may suddenly end at a steep ridge or cliff which is impossible to get around due to the “near impossibility to get through foliage”. Too many misses like this, and I will never reach my goal. Other times, stretches that look very hard may be easier in reality.

I go back to the Great Wall tomorrow and am excited to see how warm 35C feels here compared to the deserts in Gansu and Ningxia provinces. At least it will be easier to find shade here…

One thought on “Weather for Beijing Great Wall

  • Brother Jon

    Hi Robert,

    You are now at position: 40.61036 116.2849

    I’ve just seen your position in Google Earth (not Google Map), and then tilted down such that I see the terrain from the side and not from above.

    The terrain looks surprisingly hilly; nice but demanding. Hope there isn’t too much shrubs and bushes around. Don’t damage yourself. There are roads nearby for some stretches you can use.

    By the looks of it, you are not too far away from the classical (and rebuilt) sections of wall that we see on telly now and again.

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