Monthly Archives: June 2010

Thunder and lightning

Got off to a good start and continued walking along the Great Wall. In this terrain with very thick foliage it means walking on top of the Great Wall. Sometimes the Great Wall was the ‘pile of rocks’ I have seen for a long time, and sometimes, it was still […]

Hello Beijing Municipiality! 3

Finally I have reached Beijing Muni. I have set up my tent just a short distance from where the outer loop of western Hebei meets the inner loop I have been walking. It feels incredibly good to finally have reached this far after those first steps in the desert in […]

The planned end point of this walk 3

8. june, 2010 Today I was asked: Are you going to Shanhaiguan or Dandong? I answered Dandong with a smile. The smile because this was the first time I met someone who knew that the Ming Dynasty Wall ends in Dandong. Shanhaiguan is the traditional end point of the Ming […]

High humidity

No internet connection yesterday. This is written the 7th of June The humidity has been pretty high today. Luckily it has not been very warm and there has been a nice wind blowing. The day started along a road that followed the Great Wall. After a couple of hours, The […]