Hello Beijing Municipiality! 3

Finally I have reached Beijing Muni. I have set up my tent just a short distance from where the outer loop of western Hebei meets the inner loop I have been walking. It feels incredibly good to finally have reached this far after those first steps in the desert in Gansu more than a year ago.

This place is so different from the starting point of the Great Wall. Humid. Hills and mountains in every direction covered by mostly thick green vegetation! Close to the end of today’s walk, I came to a large area covered with white bushes with white flowers on them. They gave off a nice aroma  like a sweet perfume. There was no sweet girl here though. Instead, as soon as I stopped to put up the tent, I was greeted by a lot of blood thirsty mosquitoes.

I spent the first part of the day resting and eating. Washed my clothes and myself. It feels good to be clean again. Walking in warm weather through thick foliage quickly makes me feel dirty. I bought 5 litres of Ice Tea and started walking in the afternoon when it was a bit cooler.

Tomorrow looks like a pretty wild walk judging from what I can see from the tent camp, and the map. As long as it is not too hot, I should have enough drinking fluid to last most of the next two days.

11 kilometres today

3 thoughts on “Hello Beijing Municipiality!

  • John Allison

    Hey Bob,
    The interview on local TV looked great! Your Chinese sounded great!

  • John Allison

    PS Ive identified a possible problem with the way you’re wearing your sunglasses…

  • Alfredo

    Ikke gi opp! Får håpe det dukker opp noen vakre jenter i blomsterengen neste gang… 🙂

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