Couldn’t find a way around 1

I went back to the steepest part of the ascent this morning to see if I could get past it. I could only find a spot where I would basically have to climb up a large rock where part of the climb would mean I would have to lean backwards/outwards relying 100% on my hand grips in order not to fall dooooown. While moving, that would mean only one arm holding me up the right way. I wasn’t willing to take the risk. There might be another way around, but I couldn’t spot it unfortunately.

Instead, I returned to the valley, and walked it downwards and then eastwards to get to Huairou.

14 kilometres today

One thought on “Couldn’t find a way around

  • Bryan

    Your latest location is about 40°26’36″N 116°35’21″E. I think the problem is you should have turned toward the east at the tower at 40°26’29.56″N 116°35’15.60″E.

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