Monthly Archives: April 2010

Reaching Hebei

It snowed this morning, but only a little. When I packed the tent, there was a thick fog and behind me I could only see the first couple of watchtowers that I had passed on the way down from the Erlang mountains. Yesterday I took some great pictures showing lots […]

Qingming festival

The big event of the day started after only a few hundred metres of leaving the camp site. I met a Chinese family that were celebrating those that had passed away. Having a celebration for this reason may sound a bit strange to our western ears, but I can’t find […]

Finally saw other wall wallkers!

(Written late because the mobile connectivity was unstable) Thanks brother Jon for changing month in the picture gallery! The day started off as I feared with deep canyons. After a few kilometres the Great Wall changed direction, lining up for a different group of mountains. I was double lucky because […]

Canyons from hell… 2

Got little sleep last night. It was colder than expected and I had eaten far too little. Today I stopped at a village by a road before the Great Wall took off north-eastwards towards the mountains. I struck lucky and got to a place with a shop and a makeshift […]