One year in China 6

I came to China one year ago today. After thinking about it a little today, what strikes me most is that when I arrived I knew so little Chinese that it was confusing just to take a bus or taxi somewhere. But NOW I know enough Chinese to confuse everybody else instead 🙂

The truth though, is that without my brother Jon’s company those first weeks, the “coming to China” experience would have been a lot harder. So thanks Jon!

Out of the 12 months, I have spent about nine of them alone.

It is also another anniversary, as today I (finally!!!) came to the place where my girlfriend Trude and I visited the Great Wall, north of Datong. I called her to tell her as I was sitting at the same spot we visited together. Thanks for the visit!

This winter has been a hard one. The walking has been hard, as have the freezing cold nights. But it has been hardest mentally. The progress this winter has been far slower than I anticipated which has stretched my patience a long way.

It is good to be heading towards another summer. I am aware though that I am also heading towards the rugged terrain of Hebei and Beijing and believe this will be one of the last challenges of the walk.

25 kilometres today

6 thoughts on “One year in China

  • Bjarte

    Congratulations with one year in China!
    Today I have a friend from the Oslo-days visiting (Lisbeth, Bobs wife). She said that my 10 month old baby girl looks not like me, but like YOU!!! I KNEW YOU HAD A REASON FOR FLEEING THE COUNTRY! What worries me even more is that the baby also looks like her brother and sister. I knew you always have had a good eye to my wife, but this surprises me.
    Welcome home in a few months. I guess you owe me a lot of money…

  • Pappa Loken

    Congratulations on your One year i China!

    And Yes; we are many who have followed your trek by reading about the exceptionally tough winter you have had to endure. It is good that Spring is smiling, and hopefully bringing you easier walking and sleeping conditions.

    Just to say that the Google map had exceptionally good definition of the route today!
    We can see the wall quite clearly. Make sure you give us a wave next time the satellite passes by!

    Pappa Loken

  • Gina and Gerry

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your arrival in China. One year in time but immeasurable in personal experience and development of character. (Also hard skin on your hands and feet and a very weathered complexion!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Our VERY best wishes go with you on the rest of your journey:0)

  • Einar C

    Congratulations Robert. I am really impressed and wonder from what place you find and collect your focus, strength and energy.
    And I just wonder – what is your next mission? Even my imagination cannot see any clue whatsoever.

    Cheers, from Easter Oslo (in rain)

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