Off again today

I have taken backup of pictures, eaten, loaded a new set of points to the GPS and uploaded more pictures to the picture gallery. The forecast says rain today, but better tomorrow. Am leaving behind the tripod, the largest camera and a few other things to lighten the rucksack a little.

Although warmer weather has arrived, it snowed only a few days ago, so I’m still packing warm clothes and the warm sleeping bag. I expect this stretch to be quite short, and then I go to Beijing to replace my old passport which is falling apart, literally speaking. (The Norwegian Embassy, who have been very helpful with the problem, say it is due to a fault in the production.)

Again – I want to thank the people who are trying to help me with the visa issue!! If I have to continue using a one month tourist visa with two extentions of a month each, then this trip is going to take so much longer than it would really need to. So I’m hoping for a six month visa next time I go to Hong Kong.

My girlfriend and I are meeting up in Hong Kong early May. Can’t wait to see her again – it has been such a long time since we were last together!!