In Zhangjiakou 4

Yesterday I collected my passport with the new visa extension in Datong. I went to the train station and bought a ticket to Zhangjiakou. Then I walked around saying goodbye to people I have become friends with in Datong. I am really going to miss some of the people I became friends with in Datong. They have been my ‘family and friends’ for quite a while now.

The first thing I noticed in Zhangjiakou was that there was less pollution in the air. Perhaps because the winds have been favourable lately, or perhaps because there isn’t as much coal based industry here. The heaviest coal industry is between Shenmu in Shaanxi and Datong of Shanxi.

I will spend time tomorrow reflecting over Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote: Of two things you can be certain; death and taxes. I plan to focus on the taxes part tomorrow. The day after I plan to return to the Great Wall.

4 thoughts on “In Zhangjiakou

  • Pappa Loken

    Congratulations on reaching Zhangjiakou. I suppose it will be your new Base Camp.
    Hope the people there are just as friendly as the people in Datong.

    Benjamin Franklin was certainly right. “Of two things you can be certain; death and taxes”
    Most of the population of Norway is toiling over the Tax Returns these days. And if we do not meet the deadline (deathline?) of 30th April, the Taxman wil come and get us!
    But he would have a job getting you out in the mountains of Hebei, would he not?
    But I suppose the Taxman is patient!

  • Sue

    welcome to Hebei, few friends from Sina blog says “HI”, they are looking forward to meet you on the way.

    Take care of your health, one girl suggests that you should prepare some “dried beef slices” for dinner instead of Ice tea mix with oatmeal…
    wish you all the best in Hebei!


  • El Freddo

    Good choice, choosen tax instead of…
    I have now read all the old notes from you on your webpage. It strikes me, WHAT A TRIP YOUR DOING!!
    Take care and maybe a Skype sesion when possible.

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