Happy 70th birthday mammy! 1

A big Happy Birthday to my mother back home in Norway. I hope you have a good day!

If you look at the Great Wall Route page, you will see a high mountain between yesterday’s and today’s blue points. The mountain is high, and it is also covered in snow. In addition there was still a strong wind today. I decided to follow the Great Wall walking around the mountain today.

I got a worrying text message today as I lit up the mobile phone with the Norwegian sim card. It was from Telenor – a Norwegian phone company claiming I have spent more than NOK 450 on data communication on the phone today. That seems slightly odd as I only use the phone number about ten minutes every evening to send a report, and check weather for tomorrow. I also check mail, and lately the phone has frozen at the “Send and receive stage”. It seems I am unable to stop this error from here, although I have tried.

It is getting warmer now (haha – how many times have I written that?) and the winter sleeping bag is getting too warm. Good news…

20 kilometres today

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