Walking the Great Wall following a river bank 2

I have more or less finished the outer loop to the North of Datong. On the map you will see that the green line indicating the planned route went in a straight line here. I decided to follow the outer loop however.

It has been very grey and windy today. For the first time this year I could walk until after sunset at 18.48 according to the GPS. It isn’t so cold any longer.

I intended setting off from Datong at noon, but there were no direct buses so I had to wait one and a half hours. I took a taxi to the other side of the river and started right opposite to where I finished last time.  The river has washed away the Great Wall in some places.

Tomorrow I take a left turn and continue eastwards closing in on Hebei Province. I am unhappy that my Chinese number has stopped receiving text messages from abroad. Will have to figure out if it has to do with the type of sim card I’m using.

12 kilometres today

2 thoughts on “Walking the Great Wall following a river bank

  • Sue

    A friend from sina blog comment:

    the part of route you are walking should be “Datong Bianqiang Wubao”, before “Tian zhen’s Li er kou” will be very easy to follow, is basically flat, apart from ” Fangshan” in out of “Datong”.

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