Snow all day long by the Great Wall 3

It started snowing at 10 am and went on until after dark. About 6 cm all together. Was happy I made the decision to stay in the tent as there was a fairly high wind in addition to all the snow. Am at 1700 metres above sea level, and at these heights it is sensible to be careful.

In the tent, I listened to a book by Conn Iggulden called Genghis Lords of the Bow. It is the second in a series and many of the stories happen in places I have seen on this walk. The San Guan Kou pass is on the border between Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, where Genghis broke through the Xixia defences after leading his warriors on a treacherous journey through the Gobi desert that almost killed them. It’s about the Xixia people and their fortress in Yinchuan, and the mighty Yellow River. Having been to all these places makes the stories come alive.

Indeed staying a whole day and two nights encamped right by the Great Wall on the border to Inner Mongolia, while the wind and snow is making life miserable for those outside, gives me an insight into how tough these warriors were.

Many thanks to brother Jon for making adjustments to the picture gallery yesterday 🙂

3 thoughts on “Snow all day long by the Great Wall

  • Gina and Gerry

    Happy Saint David’s Day. Winter is certainly hanging on in there. I think you were wise to “stay home” with such bad conditions outside. Mind you, I bet it wasn’t as cosy as it sounds. As you say, those people were mighty tough. Keep warm and take care :0)

  • Sue

    how are you my friend? did your mother and sister have a great time in China?

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    take good care of yourself,

    stay inside, better on the “Kang”.


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