Monthly Archives: March 2010

Back in Datong 3

Sorry for not writing for some days. After many days and nights of snow and cold conditions, I returned to Datong on Saturday. I had a pretty frightening experience while walking on the Friday which I will write more about tomorrow. After returning to Datong, I’ve been in bed with […]

Wet snow 1

Woke up to a strong wind and wet snow whipping on the tent walls. It continued for many hours and I decided to stay put for the day. My Neo-Air inflatable sleeping mattress has a puncture. No big surprise as this landscape has a lot of sticky thorn shrubs that […]

Beautiful campsite 1

This morning I ate another good hot meal and bought a Chinese take away 🙂 The boots had almost dried. I walked out from the guesthouse to a road crossing. The sun was out and there was a great atmosphere. Lots of people walking in all directions and a lovely […]

Cold and wet boots

Blue fantastic skies this morning too. Nothing better than to wake up to a warm sun knocking on the tent door after a fairly cold night. I use a down winter sleeping bag and the down has a tendency to move to the top part of the sleeping bag after […]

Sunny morning 1

No internet coverage on the mobile phone. This is the report for Monday 1st of March. I was surprised, after so much snow, to be greeted by the warm sun this morning. All I had to do was open the two tent doors and it shone straight on my face. […]