Northern China hit by a strong sandstorm 3

After a slow recovery, I have felt stronger the last couple of days. When I looked at the weather forecast I saw that very strong  winds were expected in the area bordering on Inner Mongolia where the Great Wall is situated. I will postpone my departure by a day or two until the worst of the bad weather, and it’s effects are over. Many people are plagued by the dust getting into the lungs, and as I will be outside all the time when walking, I will be particularly exposed to this.

The sand from these storms can be carried over vast distances. They are fairly frequent during the Spring when the sun starts heating the air creating strong winds. There are concerns that the storms are getting worse as a result of overgrazing and deforestation.

You can read more on BBC’s website, and there are some good pictures here on a Chinese site called Sina.

3 thoughts on “Northern China hit by a strong sandstorm

  • Kim

    You are right. That is not the best weather to go out in and much better to stay inside.

    In the morning the sky was completely yellow today and for almost half the day there was a strange yellow light – a bit surreal – here in the eastern part of Hebei. It was raining during the night so everything outside got covered in a fine layer of sand dust.

  • Marina

    Hello! There are TV news about sandstorm in China even in Belarus!)) It’s very interesting and arresting to read your site. I heard a lot about you from Oystein. )) Hope to meet you some day and listen to the exciting stories about China! Wishing nice and not hard rest of the trevelling! Greetings from Belarus! Marina

  • Anne-Line

    Hei Robert!

    Jeg håper formen er stigende og at du slipper flere slike opplevelser på resten av turen! Beijing heier på deg:)
    God tur videre!

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