Milk farm

It was very windy today. I stayed on the northern and then eastern side of the Great Wall to get as much protection as possible. But whenever a section of The Wall was missing, or I came to a dry riverbed, the wind made it difficult to walk in a straight line.

Took a proper rest in a deserted village where three walls of a building remained intact, to avoid the wind. Listened to Frank Sinatra and then Robbie Williams singing Frank Sinatra songs.

As I got to a sharp turn in the Great Wall (see map tomorrow) I saw a large complex of buildings. I asked a worker if I could get some boiling water for my instant noodles. He pointed in the direction of some living quarters.

There I was met by a very nice guy who showed me to the canteen of the farm. They had 500 milk producing cows there. They kindly invited me to spend the night there and I gratefully accepted.  It felt good to get out of the wind. I have had a good meal with the 30 workers here, and been able to wash myself, feet included. When I looked in the mirror for the first time for 4 days I understood why they wanted me to take a wash. Not a pretty sight…

The people seem to be very happy working here, as did the cows. They had plenty of room, and the facilities are modern. I would have liked to write the name of the guy that offered me to stay the night, but he has gone off to play cards with the other guys 🙂

23 kilometres today