Longer days

Last night, I checked how windy it was going to be today. Very windy in the morning, but then less into the evening. Therefore I postponed the early departure and had a solid breakfast instead.

I had mixed emotions returning to the Great Wall after the episode that made the last stretch come to a halt. It was good to see that there is hardly any snow left, and the ground has thawed so I can use tent plugs again.

Only 4 kilometres today. I’m lying in the tent in a field on the opposite side of the Great Wall from a small village.

It is good to be back in the tent and even better rolling out the sleeping bag with the knowledge that there will probably not be any more TOO cold nights on the walk.

I can hear a dog barking in the village. The days are getting longer now, and a lot of signs are starting to remind me about those first steps almost a year ago. Strange to think about. Good night.

4 kilometres today