Finally feeling ok 7

Woke up this morning noticing that my body wasn’t drenched with sweat. So I don’t feel great, but just not feeling really ill is good at this point. Will try and start eating more to build up strength. Went for a little walk earlier today, and was light headed by the end of it. Will have to make sure not to overdo things.

Many thanks for the supportive comments on the site. Wishing you a good weekend.

7 thoughts on “Finally feeling ok

  • Christian Mogensen

    Remember – the wall isn’t going anywhere. You can take your time.

    In other wall related news: Hadrian’s Wall is back in use:

    Hadrian’s Wall has been lit from end to end by a team of 500 volunteers holding flaming torches.

    The “line of light” followed an 84-mile (135km) national walking trail that shadows the route of the Roman wall spanning northern England.

    Volunteers with gas-powered beacons stood 820ft (250m) apart, with the line of light lasting for about 30 minutes.

  • Margrete T.

    Det var en dramatisk historie! Glad det gikk såpass bra… Hyggelig å få en liten “chat” med deg tidligere i dag. Måtte inn her og lese hva som hadde skjedd.
    Vær i ro litt nå, så du kan ta vare på deg selv og samle krefter og helse!

    God bedring!
    Klem fra Margrete

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