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This morning I ate another good hot meal and bought a Chinese take away 🙂 The boots had almost dried. I walked out from the guesthouse to a road crossing. The sun was out and there was a great atmosphere. Lots of people walking in all directions and a lovely lady sitting by the colourful fruits she was selling at the corner. From the place I was standing, I could see two of the four large ancient gates that surround the city of Youyu.

After sucking up the atmosphere and taking some pictures, I sat on a bus heading north of Youyu. From there I could get the right bus to Shahukou.

Although the terrain here often looks comfortably flat from a distance, or even from just 50 metres away, there are some pretty deep and steep valleys to cross in order to walk the Great Wall. After the first ascent, I got to the second largest windmill farm I have seen so far.

The walking went easily today. Like flowing slowly through the landscape. As I got to the most northern part of this section of the Great Wall I saw a large flat valley to the north. It was so beautiful that I decided to spend the night there. The ground is perfectly flat also, which makes for a change as I have had no  option in choosing my camp sites the last few nights.  I can hear dogs barking in the valley, but other than that just the weak wind blowing in the trees. Very peaceful. The tent is situated so that the sun will wake me up tomorrow morning. (If there is one…)

15 kilometres today

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