Eating mums flap jacks in the tent 3

Took a bus from Datong to Youyu at 6.25 am, and then a taxi to the Great Wall.

One of the things my mother brought to China were some of her flapjacks. Incredibly tasty and nutritious cakes with all sorts of healthy stuff in them. This walk would have gone faster if I had had a steady supply of them. Thanks mum!

A lot of ‘firsts’ today. At least since December last year. The ice has melted so that I can stick the plugs properly into the ground to secure the tent. I have enough extra clothes to make a small pillow. I used the knee support for the first time. There is about one hour extra daylight now.

It is also much warmer, but the forecast says there might be a couple of -15C nights left. Almost no snow left. Instead there is plenty of slippery mud – especially on the hills. It shouldn’t be long before it dries up. But never say never. They expect about 3 inches of wet snow and rain tomorrow. That’s why I secured the tent as well as possible.

14 kilometres today

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