Yummy big dumplings 1

It was so cold and windy this morning that it took me time to get out of the sleeping bag. Didn’t start walking til after eleven.

After a couple of hours I got to a small village and knocked on a door to ask where the small shop in town was. Had heard from a shepherd that there was one there. A young woman called Yu Lan answered the door, and immediately asked if I would like to eat with her and her mother. I thanked her very much. They told me the shop didn’t have any food. Not even instant noodles. The mother in the house had made the best large dumplings I have tasted in China. Also an egg and tomato soup and a salad. I was so grateful for the meal. Later I showed them pictures from life in Norway. Then Yu Lan’s Grandmother and brother came to the house and we took some pictures. All the time there was a funny 15 day old goat jumping around in the room. It was too small and weak to be outside with the rest of the herd now.

Yu Lan asked if I would like to spend the night with them as a relative was arriving tomorrow. I would really have liked to, but there was still daylight and I wanted to walk further.

Thank you for your hospitality Yu Lan and family!

I’m in the tent and sleeping bag now. It should be a bit warmer tonight, and less windy. Yesterday the wind was so hard that I used ear plugs to shut out the noise of the banging tent sheets so I could sleep after getting warm.

16 kilometres today

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