Google PageRank 3

This post is dedicated to the geeks among you. This web site just made Google Page Rank 4 which I am very happy about. Probably that is as far as it will go – that is unless I fall off a cliff or something and make headlines around the world. Probably not worth it!

Have a good week. I will apply for another Visa extention at the end of this week.

3 thoughts on “Google PageRank

  • Andrew Lomax

    Not really a comment on anything in particular, just wanted to once again let you know that your website and your adventure is (still) totally fantastic. I have followed your travels from the start and look forward to reading your updates and insightful comments every day. Keep up the good work and wishing you the best. Andrew (UK/NO), Lyngen.

  • tracyxie

    Good news, congratulations! you know many people are 100% behind you,so keep fit and good luck. CHINA

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