Back walking soon 6

Sorry for not writing for a while. My knee is feeling better now, and it looks like the cold weather will soon be over. I’ll soon be walking the Great Wall again. Am looking forward to it!

Wish you all a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Back walking soon

  • andarchen

    The watchtower of living people in today picture ought to be the most expensive house i had ever seen .

  • Jane Leach

    Greetings from Darlington, N.E. England from Geoff & Jane Leach, friends of Jean & Tor, just to say we are in admiration of what you are doing and think you should write a travel book when it is all over – don’t know that it has been done before. Norah and Bill Greenstreet who told us about you, also friends of Jean and Tor, send their love and very best wishes.

  • Brother Jon

    Hi Xiomara,
    If you are using Firefox, then you should indeed find the orange RSS icon on the right hand side of the address bar at the top of the browser.
    I do not know how to do it for other browser types.
    Hope this helps,

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