Back walking again 2

Friday 29th. Written 30th because it was too cold yesterday.

Took three buses to get back to where I last stopped walking. Walking the Great Wall of China was fantastic. I probably saw more stone clad Great Wall this afternoon than in total so far. This is exciting as it is a little taster of what is to come in Hebei and Beijing.

Milestone – for the first time on the walk, a person didn’t believe that I had walked all the way from Jiayuguan. I like milestones like that.

A woman asked: Why don’t you walk during the summer, so I told her I had been in Gansu and Ningxia

I was very cold when I finally got in the sleeping bag yesterday. Spent literally hours to get some warmth. Then I heard what seemed to be thunder. Was placed right at the top of a hill, so got out and walked away from the top to see where the bad weather was. Didn’t see any more, so went back to the by now cold sleeping bag. Can there be thunder in well below sub zero conditions I wonder?

My left knee is a bit painful, but I try to walk a bit slower than usual, especially walking down steep hills

15 Kilometres today

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