Cold and windy as I pass Shenmu 6

The wind was really strong today. I got plenty of sand in my eyes today, even though I used my sunglasses to protect them.  Not very comfortable while wearing contact lenses.

There were lots of beacon towers along the route, but the actual Great Wall was harder to find. In the desert west of Shenmu I saw remains of it.

Before I reached Shenmu and started heading for the Northern part of town, I walked past something that lifted my heart.
A re-cycling station for beer bottles, glass and cardboard. I walked straight on to the area and took pictures. Although I have seen people collecting used bottles before, I have not until today seen what happens with them. Most Chinese still have a pretty relaxed attitude towards throwing things by the wayside.  I hope this will change over the next years – and it probably will. On my way out I was closely escorted by two dogs. One of them got so close that I smacked it across the back with my walking stick.

When I got to the northern border of the town, I decided to go back to the hotel and treat myself to a good meal, wash clothes and get rid of the sand in my eyes.

12 kilometres today

6 thoughts on “Cold and windy as I pass Shenmu

  • Sue

    the recycle issue has always been a serious problem in China, i personally think that a certain charge for the bottles is an useful solution, but it can not be done in China, not at this moment.

    maybe you should buy a pair of goggles to protect your eyes.

    BTW, could you send me the pics from Nov. when you have time?

    good luck my friend!


  • Brother Jon

    Hi Sue,

    On the English site,, there is now a link at the top called ‘November’. That’s where the pictures from November are. In fact, you can find all pictures since May.

    Hope that helps,

  • Sue

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the information, i know i could, but i need the pics in files, because i will put them on the Sina Blog. i couldn’t download the pics from the website.

    Best regards


  • andarchen

    Hi Sue
    You may consider to use “capture screen” to capture robert’s pictures , then translate description on picture into Chinese by image editor, put back to your blog fianally.

  • Frank

    Well Sue, I got two mau for my bear bottle when I had emptied it and dilivered it back, so that means that they have a certain charge for the bottle here in China

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