Leaving Beijing tomorrow morning 3

The last days I have spent time with John M and Svein and worked on pictures for the website. Yesterday we went to the Silk Market and bought a much needed woolen hat made of Kashmir wool. At least that is what I hope and believe it is made of! On this picture, John is examining some roller skate wheels that are attached to the heels of one’s shoes.



John recommended that I visited the Rotary Club of Beijing which I did today. It was fun to be in an international setting again and to meet interesting people from the working world with real jobs. Thank you very much for your hospitality. If there is a chance, I hope to be able to visit you again.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Beijing tomorrow morning

  • chinoook

    The bird in the cage on your picture site is a Mongolian Lark (Melanocorypha mongolica). Not the most beautiful bird but of extraordinary song!

  • svein Dahl

    hei ,takk for sist Robert ,Jeg er nå kommet tilbake til Mosjøen,Det var flott å møte deg ,Lykke til videre med ditt spennende prosjekt ,skal prøve å rientere deg om hva som foregår her nord ,

  • Robert

    chinoook – I knew you would be able to identify the bird. Thanks. It didn’t sing while Trude and I saw it unfortunately.

    Svein – Takk for sist ja! Det blir spennende å følge med på hvordan det går der oppe i nord. Hvis jeg er i traktene hadde det vært gøy å kommet innom på besøk.

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