In Beijing 1

Yesterday I first visited Pingping and Kelly and had a great meal together with them. I also got the chance to try the boots my parents sent from Norway, and they fit!! I was so excited before trying them, fearing that size 47 was not enough and that I needed size 48… But they felt good, although unfamiliar after using jogging shoes the last half year along the Great Wall. I am looking forward to using them to see how they work in action. Many thanks to Pingping for making the right calls at the right time to get them through customs!

Later I got to meet John M and his work companion Svein. It was great to meet some Norwegians again and it felt a little strange to speak the language at first. We had a nice meal together and John described the very interesting work he is involved in with regard to potential treeplanting projects in China. He had also brought a parcel with some equipment from my parents in Norway. He very kindly donated some Norwegian Linie Aquavit and some woolen long John’s. Thank you very much! The Linie Aquavit will keep me warm when the temperatures start dropping the next month.

I am staying at a charming courtyard hotel and the view on the picture is what I see from the window. I am going to work on more pictures for the website, so that job will be done before I return to Yulin in a couple of days.

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  • Taylor Swarb

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