Breaking in the boots (or my feet) 1

It was warm today. Sun, no clouds and no shade. That will not last long though! The weather forecast says both rain and six cm of wet snow the next 4-5 days. I have spoken to Andreas. He will be in Yulin tomorrow morning and then come here by bus. He sure knows how to pick the right days to walk the Great Wall. It is going to be fun to walk together.

The walking was good today. When I walk on a predictable surface all is well. But the blisters get closer when the boots land in unpredictable ways and the feet slide around a bit.

In 5-6 days time, the temperatures drop to about minus 12 degrees C at night. That is too much for this old sleeping bag and means I need to get to Datong to pick up the new one, plus a warm lightweight down vest and an extra sleeping mattress. Once that is done, I should be pretty much set for the first part of the cold season. The second part begins when the day temperatures drop below about minus 10 degrees C.

Right now I am snuggled in the sleeping bag at a nice and clean guest house. Time to sleep.

20 kilometres today

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