To Yulin

Today I got to the main road that leads to Yulin from Jingbian after some hours walking. The night was damp again, but not so cold. I spent it on a desert dune all alone    🙂

After walking for a little while, I got to a fairly deep valley and  lost the Great Wall. I asked people where it continued and they all pointed me northwards. I followed their directions, found the Great Wall again and went on walking. After some more sand dune walking I found a simple dirt road that followed the track of the Great Wall. That made the walking a lot easier.

I came to a picturesque village, and the dirt road went on in the same direction. Asking an old man where the Great Wall was to be found, he laughed and gestured that I was standing on it. Later I saw a small, low building of worship. It was not locked and looked like it was used regularly. Will post a picture of it.

14 kilometres today