R & R and the Chinese website 5

During the last months, Xiaoli Fotland has been translating this English website to Chinese. She has done a tremendous job and the quality of her work has been very high. Not that I would really know, but several Chinese people I have met have said so.

Xiaoli has been very busy, and Helen has offered to take over the translation job. Helen has experience as a blogger and can therefore insert text and pictures on to the Chinese website which will save me some time when I get to towns with internet connection. Helen and I have spent time lately going through the Chinese website to make it as ‘Chinese friendly’ as possible.

Thank you very much for the fantastic job you have done Xiaoli, and welcome aboard Helen!!

It’s only half past twelve here now. I will probably stay at the hotel and work on more pictures for the website, and actually get some pictures into the posts that I have heard  all you readers like… I wish you a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “R & R and the Chinese website

  • Andarchen

    Chinese reader can write comments in chinese now , it is a great improvement of chinese website since Helen took over it!

  • Robert

    Andarchen – I’m happy that you like what is happening on the Chinese website! Helen that is working on it is a very talented woman, so I am very excited too and hope many Chinese people will be able to follow the site.

  • Andarchen

    Due to Helen did excellent performance , a guy living in Shenmu welcome your next stop in his town .
    By the way , the correct spelling for your next town is Shenmu i.s.o Shunmu .

  • Robert

    Hi Andarchen – I met the nice guy and his family on the train from Beijing to Shenmu Bei after Trude had visited the country. It will be fun to meet him, and also to visit the school he is the headmaster to which has deaf students. Off again today, and hope to meet Andreas / chinoook of the Great Wall Forum in a few days time.

  • Andarchen

    We were talking the same guy ,so,friends everywhere in china . if time is available , please writing summary of response in your walking diary for recent comments being left in chinese website , they will felt good i believe .

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