Monthly Archives: October 2009

Walking into the desert 1

I left Jingbian at about eleven o’clock this morning. Because of heavy traffic in Yulin, a few police controls and picking up more passengers en route, I was not at the Great Wall before a little past three o’clock. The shop where I had planned to buy water was closed. […]

Visa extension

Yesterday the wind was incredibly strong with gusts of more than 100 km/h! I’m glad I was in Yulin. I visited the local Police Station today to get an extension for the visa. They gave me a one month extension. I will return tomorrow afternoon to pick up the passport. […]

Very windy day

A short update for today. Clear blue sky, but very windy. So windy that I lost balance a few times. The walking sticks were a good help. I’m happy I wasn’t walking on steep and narrow sheep tracks today. The terrain was flat and beautiful. If this terrain continues to […]

Through the mountains (for now)

I’m happy to report that I am more or less clear of the mountains after the last days walking. It feels good and I am looking forward to experiencing the desert in colder conditions once I have walked around Jingbian. The trip back to where I left off yesterday became […]

Warm underwear 1

Just a hundred metres north of my camping site, I saw a beacon tower right on the edge of the river bed. The Great Wall probably once ran along the entire eastern side of the river I walked along today. Because of erosion, most of it has disappeared as the […]

High on water 1

As I hoped, there was a small shop just by my campsite yesterday. It would prove difficult though, to buy the water. I got to the shop. walked in and looked around. It mostly sold hardware for farmers, but I saw both bottled water and Ice Tea. I asked for […]

Low on water 1

Because I ‘only’ have jogging shoes, I didn’t want to start walking until the wet grass had dried up a bit. At about midday, I got up and made an oatmeal lunch with lots of brown sugar. Then I packed the tent and set off. Just before I started walking […]