Day trip 2

This morning I noticed that my rucksack is starting to show signs of the last half year’s use. It is a lightweight rucksack and although it has a capacity of about 70 litres, it weighs only 1.4 kilos. The hip belt has loosened a bit on one side, and a couple of places the material has been weakened significantly and will have to be repaired. This should not be a big problem though as there are many skilled sewers in every middle sized town.

I took a bus back to the place I left the Great Wall last, and started walking Northwards. The terrain was nice, but was full of dry bushes that seemed to have only one purpose in life – to break off and visit my feet in the jogging shoes. I had so stop many times to empty the shoes. After 18 kilometres I found a convenient spot to get a ride back to Yulin. I guess there is one more walking day left with Yulin as a base, before I start on the stretch to Shunmo – the next town along the route. It will be a while before I can walk this last day though, as I am going to Beijing to meet a friend – John M, and also to collect the boots that my parents sent from Norway.

18 kilometres today

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  • Trude S

    Hei! Vil bare gi beskjed om at mobil tlf min har meldt pass, den har sloknet helt (ikke batteriet det er noe feil med). Må skaffe meg en ny når kommer tilbake til Kr sand. Vi har vært på spennende kurs idag, Elise hilser her! Vi har bestilt kinesisk mat, sushi mm:-) Ha god tur til Beijing!

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