Abandoned houses along the Great Wall 4

Woke to a very cold room. From now on I’m using rooms pointing southwards. Also woke to the sound of thunder and wet streets outside. I waited to see what the weather was planning to do. By midday, I took the chance and got to the Great Wall by hiking a motorbike ride.

The first stretch was hilly and crossed a river. I had to look closely to find the path of the Great Wall. It is pretty easy to be fooled by the free standing watchtowers that often stand on higher ground behind the Great Wall in this area.

The last stretch was fantastic (and flat 🙂 )

About half of the houses scattered along The Wall on this stretch, were abandoned. Some of the dwellings were carved into The Great Wall. I entered a few of them and took pictures. One still had posters hanging on the walls.

Unfortunately, I had to break off just as the fun was beginning. The stretch in front of me would have taken three-four hours, and I only had two hours light left.

13 kilometres today

4 thoughts on “Abandoned houses along the Great Wall

  • Gina and Gerry

    Hi Ste.

    Luverly to see the photo of you and Trude, she has such a beautiful smile. I’m sure her visit was just what you needed-you sound much more like your old (well, not really old!) self. You seem to be covering a fair amount of ground and seeing quite a few changes of landscape again. What a difference in temperature too – more what you’re used to. I like the weather comment “winds: calm”

    Keep wearing the thermals, taking fantastic photos and writing such an entertaining and interesting “diary” All our best wishes :0)

  • Gina and Gerry

    Have just taken a closer look at your photo of the abandoned houses along the wall. Are you sure that you didn’t see any Hobbits?

  • Mamma

    Today’s photograph just hit the button for me !!! The home carved into the Great Wall, complete with windows and garden + (as you pointed out) the chimney – I am fascinated by it. Great photos Robert. Lots of love, Mamma

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