What do I do on ‘rest days’ in a town? 1

I have added pictures to previous posts, so scroll down to see more!!

Still in Yinchuan and waiting to hear about the hotel in Datong where I will stay when my girlfriend comes. I hope to make more progress with the Chinese website today and make many more pictures.

Just for the fun of it I have written a list of the most regular things I do when in a town. Most of these activities can ONLY be dealt with when I am in a town. The list is not complete, but gives an idea of how I spend my ‘rest days’.

  • Check and answer mails, pay bills etc.
  • Wash clothes, MSR water bag, clean equipment and make any necessary repairs.
  • Go out and eat a fatty meal before restaurants close. I usually get to a town in the evening.
  • Transfer pictures from cameras to PC, delete all the useless ones to save space and rename them. I take very many pictures. Yesterday I deleted more than a GB of pictures.
  • Select pictures for website, edit, upload and put comments to them on www.picturesfromchina.com
  • Write and insert pictures in missing blogg entries.
  • Make sure the Great Wall route map is correct and make changes if needed. The personal beacon sender I use is not 100% reliable. There are currently two days missing that I have to correct.
  • Edit and send pictures to Chinese people I have met.
  • Work on the Chinese version of the website.
  • Keep in contact with media back home in Norway.
  • Plan the route for the next stretch of the walk. This includes studying Google Earth, the Great Wall Forum map of the Great Wall and the provincial map. Then I make meaningful waypoints on the GPS so that I can make good decisions while walking the Great Wall.
  • Try and keep up with mails from friends and family.
  • Stay in more than touch with my ever so patient girlfriend.
  • Respond to other peoples comments on the site, and mails regarding the walk.
  • Order and follow up the winter equipment that my girlfriend will be bringing to China. My parents are helping out here.
  • Make online backup of all pictures and other valuable information.
  • Charge batteries: camera (3), mobile (3) and mp3 player (1)
  • Buy food and other items for the next stretch
  • Oh yes – and of course try and get some rest…

These are my three top priorities apart from actually walking the Great Wall!

  1. Get ready for a great time with Trude in Datong in three weeks time
  2. Finish the Chinese website
  3. Start focusing on the fund raising aspect of this walk

One thought on “What do I do on ‘rest days’ in a town?

  • Gina and Gerry

    Hi Ste- a new month- a new province- someone really special to look forward to seeing again ( in reverse order of importance I suspect)

    Just a “few” things to keep you out of mischief then, I see from your list!!! What do you do with the remainder of your “rest time” then???? (only joking) What a great idea for adapting the mosquito netting to your personal requirements. Some of the best ideas come about in this way.
    Hope you continue to receive warm welcomes from such very generous people.
    Take care and keep in good spirits. Know that we think of you often. “Luverly” to catch up. From a cold, wet and windy north of Englandxx:0)

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