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For today, I have zoomed out the default view of the Great Wall Route to give a better impression of how far I have walked. You can read more about this under the picture.

This will be the last day in Yinchuan, as I continue walking the Great Wall tomorrow. I had a really good session on the Chinese website yesterday and hope to finish off a lot of things there today so that it goes into ‘production mode’ rather than development. Many thanks to Xiaoli, Frank and Jon for helping to get this together. And thanks also to Fay in Norway who has offered assistance in running the site!

A happy man showing the provincial maps of Gansu and Ningxia. They will from now on mostly be used for looking back 🙂

Several people have asked how far I have walked, and the truth is I have not sat down and calculated this. It’s all on my GPS and laptop. I keep asking myself why the number of kilometres I have walked are so important? Perhaps I am reluctant to find out, because I don’t want number-crunching geeks to start calculating averages, predict when I will arrive, or if this month was more, or less, efficient than the last. Averages don’t count for that much out here because each section and season have their particular challenges.

Since I have no absolute date to be finished by, I want to experience all the pleasant (and some times unpleasant) moments along the Great Wall without a sense of haste in having to meet some imaginary deadline. I have stated I think the trip will take about a year, but this is a prediction.

Aaaaaanyway… Enough self therapy for one day!!   🙂
Here are some statistics (All distances as the crow flies. Yes – that’s in a straight line)

Distance from starting point to here: 845 kilometres
Distance from here to end point: 1479 kilometres
Distance from here to Beijing: 805 kilometres
Distance from here to Home: 6.832 kilometres

One thought on “The BIG picture

  • Anders Gundersen

    8850 km. Så lang er den Kinesiske mur inkludert høyder og dalsøkk, viser nye GPS-målinger.
    Det er 3850km lengere enn hitill anslått.
    Står det i illustrert Vitenskap, nr 13/2009.

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