Status week 19

The last two weeks have been long in effort, but short in perceived time. Does that make sense? I can remember a lot of hard walking because of the heat. But at the same time these reports feel like they are being written more often than every second week.

I am very happy to notice that although my Chinese knowledge is very basic, I seem to have crossed a magical border. When I talked with people earlier, they would understand that my knowledge was basic and ‘give up on me’ as a conversational partner. But now – with a little encouragement from me, they don’t give up that easy. They want me to understand and use different words to explain.. This is great, because then we can get past all the ‘How old are you’ stuff, and start talking about other issues. It also means I can pick up more Chinese! Today for instance – I learnt the Chinese word for snake.

. You must be tired of hearing all my talk about the weather. Although it was 31 degrees warm today, and not a cloud in the sky till five in the afternoon, it is bearable now because it is cool in the evenings and nights. Also, the wind has a greater cooling effect than a month ago.

The next time I write this two week status, there will only be a week to go until I see my girlfriend again. I’m so happy! It is almost surreal. Half a year is a very long time.