Status week 17

I have still had very hot weather, but looking on the long-term weather forecasts, things look like they are about to cool down for good. That’s great news.It has been fun walking the Ningxia loop and to see that there are remains of the Great Wall to the North of Yinchuan.
See how tired I look on the picture. I am tired now. Tired of the intense summer heat in the desert. I have also become very skinny.
. I’m looking forward to continuing the walk, because the Great Wall east of Yinchuan is truly GREAT. The watchtowers are less than 200 meters apart for many days of my march. I’m hoping to get some good pictures from the area.It is strange to think also that there are only four-five weeks left before I will meet my girlfriend again after almost half a year. Half a year is a long time to be apart and I’m really looking forward to spending time with her!

I’m off walking again tomorrow, so will post this to the website now and go through the GPS coordinates for the next leg.