More rain, and a radio interview

Here is the interview with Norwegian NRK Nitimen.

I started walking fairly early today and that was good. As the forecast said, there was to be rain and it came in the afternoon. Since I was set up for the interview at three o’clock in the afternoon, I pitched the tent at a place with good mobile coverage in advance and avoided a heavy downpour. After the interview there was steady and at times heavy rain, so I took it easy in the tent!

The Great Wall is fantastic here. In the horizon I can see the desert dunes. The areas closer to the Great Wall are covered by green scrubs. I am starting to notice more severe earth erosion now and from what I hear, this will be the next challenge with regard to the landscape. Intense heat has been exchanged with earth erosion that leaves deep deep scars in the ground. These are time consuming to get around and at times dangerous. Right now I need to take particular care as the earth is very loose because of the rain the last days.