The Ningxia cheat 5

My friend John sent me this a few days ago.

As you probably understand, he doesn’t have very high morals and therefore he is not my friend any longer… Well – the truth is he has a good sense of humour!!

The Ningxia cheat

PS – I set off to walk the Ningxia outer loop tomorrow. I hope to make some findings that members of the Great Wall Forum have pointed me towards.

5 thoughts on “The Ningxia cheat

  • chinoook

    As far as I know _any_ through-hiker since has used this shortcut. I hope you find new items along your way to justify the efford you take in these high temperature days.

    All the best


  • Gina and Gerry

    Hi Ste,

    Is that “aaar John” by any chance. He usually updates us when he’s been in touch. Your spirit and stamina are amazing. Your photos are fantastic. Great news about Trude coming out soon. Think about you often.:o)
    ps the wedding was absolutely out of this world, wonderfully friendly and hospitable people and a great country. It sounds as if you are getting a similar reception in China.
    God speed.

  • Robert

    chinoook – Yes – I hope there will be new findings shortly. Many thanks to you and the other members of the forum for feeding me with valuable information 🙂

    Gina (And Gerry) – Yes – that would be the case! It was John, and it was a good one 🙂 I have seen some pics from the wedding, and it looked great! And who knows… There may be more than one wedding going on with the Allisons from what I hear.
    All the best

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