Status week 13

Well, in fact the last three because of the break in Inner Mongolia.The last three weeks have been hot. The trip to Inner Mongolia was a great treat. It was also a wonderful ‘holiday’ from my walk along the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. Thanks a lot for the fun we had together Andreas!

Progress has slowed down quite a bit lately because of the mentioned break and heat. I notice that my body works a lot harder in the heat, I eat less and my thoughts and actions become very basic. This affects how many pictures I take, the motivation to write about my experiences while walking the Great Wall and the surplus mental and physical energy.

. Expecting fairly slow progress the next two weeks. I will have to start walking very early and stop between one and two o’clock – all depending on the weather of course.The weather forecast for tomorrow is 37 C in the shade. That’s hot.

The parcel I received from my parents had some real goodies in it, that will make life easier the next weeks :

DEODORANT! I’ve had a foul smell lately, because I couldn’t get hold of a decent deodorant. A new identical pair of jogging shoes that I have started using. The two pairs should be enough to get me to Datong. A new pair of earphones that keep the noise from high winds out. Also more comfortable when walking along busy roads where there is no Great Wall. A new Panasonic camera that has very good optics and a good zoom lens. More socks and factor 50 suncream. The sun is weaker than a month ago, but because of the heat, I get a lot more exposure than in May. And finally two “Fantomet” magazines. Fantomet is a cartoon figure, and has been my hero since I was about ten years old. It was great to read some of his adventures again! Thank you very much mum and dad!