Sorting out a Chinese website

With good help from my Chinese friend living in Denmark, it looks like things are starting to fall into place with regards to a Chinese website. Also with help from the Chinese wife of a Norwegian friend. This has been the plan all the time, but it has taken longer than anticipated. It’s going to be fun to have a website that the people I meet can read and, if they are particularly interested, can continue to read as I walk the Great Wall further Eastwards.

I will be returning to Zhongwei tomorrow morning. Andreas of the Great Wall Forum is arriving in Inner Mongolia in less than a week. He will bring with him a package from Norway with a new camera and shoes, a new compass and other items that will make my life a little easier in China. So I will be taking a little break from the Ningxia Great Wall and travel together with Andreas for some days in Inner Mongolia. Can’t wait    🙂