Road ‘Star’ of the day

Today has been strange, because it seems that two of ten passing trucks have given a friendly honk, and the driver has waved like mad or given the thumbs up. When I have been walking, I’ve heard the word ‘from Norway’ and ‘Walking the Great Wall’ mentioned, before saying anything. So it seems the word gets around pretty quickly. It was fun that people along the road knew what I was doing and that I am doing it to raise money for cancer research. Usually I have to tell the story in every place I come, but today others have been doing that job.

There was a light drizzle of rain this morning. I thought that would make for good walking, so I packed the tent. Just as that was done, it started to rain quite heavily. I got out the umbrella and managed to keep myself and the rucksack dry. After quarter of an hour it eased off and I started walking again.

Took a little break at ten to get washed and sleep for two hours. It has been cloudy all day and the temperture has been comfortable. I hope it stays this way.

It was hard to find a decent camp site this evening. I like to stay out of sight of people and preferably get there without being noticed. There is a thin strip of land with vegetation along the road. The rest is desert. To the north, I have the gas pipe line and the railway line. To the south is the road I’m walking and the bigger road they are constructing now.