The Large Northern River – Thursday 23.4 1

We spent one and a half hours trying to get over the ‘Large Northern River’, but without success, so we ended up having to take a bus to a town and then a taxi to get to the other side of the river.

We started walking and soon we were close to the start of the desert stretch that would bring us to the next valley and river. We camped in the field of some farmers.

It’s getting late here in Gaotai now and we have an early start tomorrow, so I will have to write about the desert stretch when we get back here in 3-5 days time.

Thank you all for writing in the Guestbook and commenting on the pages. I appreciate all the support and funny comments and want to reply to you all. Earlier today I was at a China Mobile sales outlet and tested a Nokia to try to log in on this website. I managed to get to the login page but it wouldn’t let me enter all the way in. I will try again with a more expensive phone next time as unfortunately, I cannot get the HTC to work. The hope is to start writing daily reports from along the Great Wall!

Also, there has not been enough time to process all the pictures for the picture gallery. But in a weeks time, it will be up and running!

We will be without internet connection for the next days, but you can follow our progress on the map here.

One thought on “The Large Northern River – Thursday 23.4

  • Anne-Brit Mydske

    Hei Stephen!

    Jeg følger med på turen din, lykke til videre! Vet du at Kjetil Hauge døde for ca en uke siden, og skal begraves i morgen? han fikk en hissig krefttype for en stund siden. Trist, særlig at han har to smågutter som nok kommer til å savne faren sin veldig.


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