Monthly Archives: April 2009

Status – I start tomorrow

      The last two and a half weeks have been pretty crazy. Tried to get all the arrows pointing in the same direction and hopefully meet some place, before I went to China a week ago.Now I’m sitting on my bed in a very nice hotel room in […]

China Great Wall organization 3

On Friday, I went to visit the China Great Wall organization. I met Vice President Mr Dong Yaohui and Vice Secretary General Yan Jianmin. My Chinese friend Chen Shu had set up this meeting from Denmark. Thank you Shu!! Mr Dong and I had a good talk about the Ming […]

Equipment, and an important meeting 3

You can read about the equipment I am, and am not bringing here. This is the first of three pages on the subject. The others describe the high-tech-ness of this trip, and a list of everything in my rucksack. Yesterday I had an important meeting with a salesperson from China […]

Touchdown! 6

After a long haul from London Heathrow to Beijing, I am at last in China! My brother gave me the address of a nice hotel close to the Beijing University and I have slept a little, as I didn’t get any sleep at all on the flight over. This is […]