Equipment, and an important meeting 3

You can read about the equipment I am, and am not bringing here. This is the first of three pages on the subject. The others describe the high-tech-ness of this trip, and a list of everything in my rucksack.

Yesterday I had an important meeting with a salesperson from China Mobile. After sitting together for a fair amount of time, we managed to sort out the following: A new Chinese SIM card that works in all of China. It lets me send cheap messages to Norway but I cannot receive from abroad. I will be able to use the phone to update this website via GPRS once I’m walking the Great Wall. I even learnt how to recharge the phone card and call a number to see how much credit I have left. All this was done with a little English knowledge by the sales lady, and even less Chinese knowledge on my part.

The above – together with the HTC S740 mobile phone sponsored by Nordialog – are the two most important factors for me to be able to write daily reports when walking. So I was a very happy guy when I walked out of the door!

The next important meeting is with the China Great Wall Organization which I will write more about tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Equipment, and an important meeting

  • Fredrik

    Det blir alltså en “one way communication”. Hoppas du kan läsa epost eller din gästbok!

  • Mark Parbhoo

    Congratulations on the start of your journey Robert! I hope all goes well for you.

  • Anne-Brit Mydske

    Lykke til på reisen! Skal sjekke bloggen din av og til. Her i gamlelandet nyter vi tåke og påskeferie!


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