Doctor’s office 4

Jon and I are finished with the desert stretch and are now hanging out at the (open for business) doctor’s office in a small village. It is 10 p.m. He has kindly invited us to spend the night on the premises and borrow his computer. His son is looking at me with envy because writing this quick note is taking up his valuable internet gaming time.

We have met a lot of hospitable people lately and because of Jon’s Chinese knowledge we have learnt more of the people we have met along the Great Wall.

Will have to keep this short and sweet. From what I gather, we are going to be sleeping where the patients usually stay, so I hope there are no operations scheduled for tomorrow morning…

We will be in Gao Tai in about 5 days time, and will be able to write more about the events of the week.

4 thoughts on “Doctor’s office

  • Pappa Tor Løken

    Hi Robert and Jon,

    Good to hear that you have reached civilisation again after your days of walking at the rim of the Ghobi desert. Understand that you managed to cover 20 km+ per day during the last few days and that your spirit and humour is in good order. It will be exciting to read (and see pictures) about your experiences when you get to Gao Tai round 2nd May.

    I gather that the powdery and sandy landscape makes for a hazy atmosphere, and that the terrain and heavy rucksacks are quite hard on your feet. Hope you manage to treat the blisters ok.

    It is particularily reassuring to read that the few people you have met on the desert stretch have been so friendly and hospitable. May it continue.


  • Per-Andre

    You crazy old colleague. Nice to hear from you, after the first days of walking. Looks like everything is going very well. A bit disappointed though. No daily updates. 🙂 I was really looking forward to check your web page every morning! Don’t know if you have heard it, but it’s an outbreak of Swine Flue epidemic in Mexico. Near 100 people have died so far, and spreading all around the world. On my last trip to Thailand there was the TWAR virus. Now when I’m going to the USA it’s this thing. Maybe I should have taken a walk in the Gobi desert instead. See you!

  • Richard (BiP)

    Hi Guys!

    Hope everything is going well. Jon, just a quick question about Lucene… just kidding!

    I look forward to reading some more about your travels.

    Good luck with the rest of the trip!

    Hopefully catch up with you soon,

  • brother Jon

    Hi Richard,

    Lucene?? Hmm, sounds familiar.

    Richard, I have put my best foot forward, and got a blister on the heel. Then I put the other best foot forward, and got a blister on that one too. Do you have any other suggestions for me?

    I’ve now got 2 sets of shoes, not kidding. Once I notice a blister on its way, I change shoes. Bit of a nuisance, but it gives me some room for manouver.

    Will send an email soon.

    Hope all is well.

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