Hello World! 9

After quite a bit of work, this homepage is finally up and running! There are still some gaps in the content here and there, but they will be filled as time gets closer to the start of the adventure of walking the Great Wall of China.

A big thanks to Trude for encouraging words while I’ve been working on this page. To brother Jon for technical help, John for help with the texts, and to Jane for deep counselling on the colours here…

Enjoy   🙂

9 thoughts on “Hello World!

  • Per-André Rusten

    Ikke værst Robert. Slettes ikke værst. Tror jaggu jeg må freshe opp min egen side 🙂
    Regner med at du får med deg kart og koordinater som sist. Det var jo det som var prikken over i’en da.

  • Boon Kiat, Khoo

    Comrade! It is great to hear you have another great expedition. As we have discussed of MSN, I have decided to meet you up along the way. I am quite busy with my job at Samsung Malaysia, I will do my best to allocate all my available day-off to join you. I might have 14 to 20 days. So I will meet you at the wall to finish your expedition together. Do update me your coordinates from time to time!

  • Ingunn Eidem

    Denne bloggen skal jeg følge med på! Elsker eventyr, spennende reiseskildringer og nye kunnskaper, og har på følelsen at det blir rikelig av denslags på siden din!

    Lykke til med forberedelsene! Vi sees vel ikke på Tråkk sommertur neste år…?

    Ingunn 🙂

  • Bryan

    Hi Robert,

    Your site is looking better all the time. The thing I am looking for every time I visit is your route. I’m sure you know there are many, many ways to get from Jiayuguan to Shanhaiguan. Have you decided on an exact route yet? Are you planning to publish your route before you begin? Or are you going to improvise as you go? Also I wonder if you are planning to publish your GPS tracks as you go, so that people can see exactly where you are and where you have been?

  • Sue

    Hi Robert,
    Nice blog you have, i admire that you are going to make your dream come true. i wish i could do the same. anyway, good luck with you. ps: Chinese language is required when you go to China.

    Ha’ en god tur!

    A greeting from a Chinese in Denmark


  • Solgunn

    Det høres helt fantastisk ut! Jeg legger denne bloggen inn som favoritter i min bloggliste, så kan jeg følge hver oppdatering. Ønsker deg en virkelig god tur med mange fantastiske opplevelser!

  • Anne-Sophie Bakke

    Du ligger nå øverst på mine favoritter, utrolig fantastisk spennende.
    Var på elvecruise på Yangtze i 12 dager i oktober.
    Et spennende land!!!!!
    Gleder meg til å følge deg på turen, ønsker deg en fantastisk opplevelse!!!
    Hilsen Kina frelste Anne-Sophie

  • Michael A. Peck

    All the best. I whish I could do the same. I will follow you day by day and pick up info for my trip planned 2010 for a few weeks in north China.
    Lykke til og hold oss alle orientert om turen !!
    Vennlig hilsen

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